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List of Most Popular and Unique African American Baby Girl names Starting with D for 2018.

Name Meaning
Dada She has curly hair
 Danika  Unknown
Dana Light as the day
Danyel My judge
Damita Baby princess
Daisy  From the flower
Danita God will judge
Daliyah Tree branch
Dalili Sign, omen
Danielle (Dani) My judge
Dyanna Divine

African American Black Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter D

Denise God of wine
Deondra Divine
Desirae Longed for
Deonne (Deon) Divine
Diamond Of high value
Destiny One’s fate
Dina Judged
Diane (Diana) Divine
 Dorothy  Gift of God
Dikeledi Tears
Desi  Desire

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Name Meaning
Delores (Deloris) Sorrows
Daphne Laurel tree
Davina Friend
Darnesha African Am
Demi Half
Davita Friend
Dawn Dawn
Darlene Little darling
Deandra Divine
Deborah (Debbie) Bee
 Deedra Melancholy
Danyelle My judge
Dayo Joy arrives
Duku 11th born

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Name Meaning
Dee Bee
Dofi Second child following twins
Domini Unknown
Dominique Of the Lord
Dorene Blonde
 Dziko  The world
Doto Second born of twins
Douye We got what we sought
Dreena Unknown
Drina Defender of mankind
Do First child following twins

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