Updated : 23rd April 2018 : Welcome to the List Post for Most Popular African American names for Baby Girl with meanings [Black Baby Girl Names starting with M] which can help Shorten the cumbersome process going through large lists of all Origin Wise names, We are curating through our analytics the list of popular baby names of the African American Community origin wise, on a Monthly Level [ 30 days] Based on the popularity of searches and browsing behaviour of users happening on our baby names websites and Parenting Blogs Network. Below you will find the list of around 70 unique [ 5 New Names Added ] and popular Baby Girl names starting with letter “M” that were viewed on BabyNdb’s Website.

List of Most Popular and Unique African American Baby Girl names Starting with M for 2018.

Name Meaning
Mosi The first-born
Monifa I have luck
Moniqua Wise
Mudiwa Beloved
Montsho Dark
Monique Solitary
Monica Solitary
Msiba Born during mourning
Mumbejja Princess
Muteteli Dainty
Mukarramma Honored
Mulekwa Child who has no father
Mukamutara born during a king’s reign
Muna Wish
Mwaka Born during farming season
Muzaana The wife of a prince
Mwanjaa Born during a famine
Mwamuila Born during the war
Mwanaidi Born during the Idd festival
Mwanawa First-born child
Myra Fragrant oil
Mwasaa Born on time
Mya Emerald
Mystique Air of mystery
Makena Unknown

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Name Meaning
Majidah Glorious
Mable Lovable
Megan (Meagan) A pearl
Madeline Might
Madihah Praiseworthy
Maanan Fourth-born child
Maggie A pearl
Maizah Discerning
Madea Unknown
Makeda After the queen of Ethiopia
Mafaune Soil


Name Meaning
Michelle Who is like God?
Melinda Honey
Mogbeyi This one is my joy
Melody Song-like
Mesi Water
Melodie Song-like
Misty Covered with mist
Mkegani Child of disrespectful wife
Mkiwa Orphaned child
Modupe I am grateful

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Name Meaning
Mansa Third-born child
Malak Angel
Mandisa Sweet
Malory Ill-fated luck
Mama Born on Saturday
Manar Guiding light
Mande First day
Maria Sea of bitterness
Maliaka Queen, of high attributes
Maram Aspiration
Masika Born during rainy season
Margaret A pearl
Marla Descendent of Mary
Mariah God is my teacher
Marie Sea of bitterness
Marjani Named for the beautiful coral
Marcy Brave
Mary Sea of bitterness
Masani Has gap between teeth
Maysa To walk proudly
Mawusi In the hands of God
Maya Mother; nurse
Mbeke Born on Sunday
Mbafor Born on a market day

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