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Largest Resource for Baby Names, Parenting Tips in United Kingdom

Welcome to BabyNDB [ Baby Names Data Base ]. The largest directory for baby names and baby raising tips for would be parents, in helping them at every step of the beautiful journey of parenting. We strive to provide every details for the names in our data base, collecting and iterating at every step to provide name details.

What we believe in ?

BabyNDB offer moms and would-be moms a happy and safe place – away from judgment.

BabyNDB is the place to be if you are looking for information on marriage, pregnancy, and parenting. We care about mothers, We understand that every mother is different. And that is why we have gathered a highly qualified team of subject matter experts and editors who spend hours coming up with authentic content that speaks to you. No topic is off limits for us. From Getting Pregnant & Pregnancy including Pregnancy Week By Week, we have got all and everything covered. We simplify the journey of parenthood by defining different stages of childhood into five major categories – Baby, Toddler, Kid, Preteen and Early Teen.

Who we are ?

Together, BabyNDB attracts 500,000 monthly visitors in United Kingdom, and inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content we create and the commerce we drive. What unites our businesses is the belief that it takes more than inspiration to live the life you want. That’s why we not only create content that moves our audience, but also make it easier to take action on what’s important to them — whether it’s starting a new fitness routine or participating in a social cause.

BabyNDB is moving towards a product search and comparison shopping site with a vision to simplify and enhance online shopping experience by perfecting accurate price comparison, intuitive product search and assisted discovery shopping in the parenting space.

We are a proud integration of Technology, Parenting and Commerce who hopes to keep informing, entertaining and inspiring action in parenting.

Finding a baby name is divided into various segments and to reduce the pain points we have created a content source. We create our own unique content in helping people in United Kingdom find the perfect name for their baby.

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